Monday, 1 June 2009

Make pictures while the sun shines.

Hasn't the weather of the last few days been stunning?

So gorgeous was it, yesterday, that having the day pretty much to myself, I decided to take a walk in one of my favourite corners of West Lothian, Beecraigs Country Park.

I got there pretty early and left my motor alongside three others which were already there in the Balvormie Car Park. I then got my gear together - stripping most of the extra lenses and stuff out of my backpack until I was left with the bare minimum of kit and a manageable weight to hump through the forest in the scorching heat.

Hot, sunny weather doesn't really produce the best light for photography, but it does make you feel good and I enjoyed an excellent stroll out through the network of paths and bridleways which snake through the natural forest on the south side of the park.

I was out for four hours and true to form these days, returned to a baking hot car with just one image which I liked enough to keep. Poor beer for the photographer, but such a nice day to air your spirit.

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