Friday, 12 June 2009

Art .... by the Book.

Trying to make a living out of photography has its serious side: schedules, arrangements, cash-flow, etc. All those things which are probably most diametrically opposed to what I – and I imagine most other photographers – are trying to achieve in their work. But it is a necessary evil if you want to continue making a career of it.

Fortunately, the job also produces a steady flow of light-hearted and occasionally downright hysterical moments, and that helps shine up the tarnish left by the former fundamentals.

There are times – mainly when the business side is a little quieter – that I relish the opportunity to dabble in something a little more abstractly creative. The following are examples: take a well read paperback novel (on this occasion: "All Hallows Eve" by Richard Laymon - deceased), soak in water for a day or so before fishing it back out to allow to dry for a week. It'll go nice and crinkly, and then roll irregular numbers of pages up with a pencil and fix on one side with a paperclip. Then, set up the lights and spend a couple of hours listening to the snap of the camera shutter resound softly from the walls of the empty studio.

Finally, add a few post-production mirrors & flips and, there you have it.

Lovely 

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Simon said...

This is real cool and turned out very well, I was interested to see the result after you explained it, wish I have thought of it.
Its not a model or a landscape though, know what I mean? ;) tut tut lol