Saturday, 30 May 2009

Wonderful wedding days'

Weddings are such great fun! Never was such a singular event so suited to the cyclopic scrutiny of the camera: the nervousness of the bride (and groom – don’t let him fool you) before they meet, and the excited, happy karma which pervades the room when they do. The solemnity of the vows and the time honoured giggling which almost always follows as one of the happy couple trip over the words.

The kiss, that most endearing ritual which marks the first moment of the new union; the congratulations from family and friends: a rousing round of applause which, even as it reaches a happy crescendo suddenly unravels as the body of guests move forward to offer individual words of congratulations to the betrothed.

Then, following the scrutiny of ‘those here present’ it is the turn of the camera. The bride and groom form a magnetic centre as groups come to stand with them then depart to allow others to be pictured with the newlyweds.

Finally, when the list of classic pictures has been ticked and friends and family leave to enjoy a refreshment, the newly ordained husband and wife stand before the camera to record - for pleasure and posterity – those pictures which will forever thereafter remind them of this moment of this day.

Many photographers who ‘don’t do’ weddings suggest that capturing the responsibility of capturing these moments is a burden they don’t wish to experience, but those photographers I know who enjoy this element of their vocation agree that it is one of the most rewarding aspects.

I was commissioned to photograph just such a wedding recently; that of Paul & Alison. The ceremony took place in the opulently appointed Dalmahoy Hotel, West Lothian which was, that day, favoured by the weather in what had been an otherwise dull week. Once again – as on so many occasions in the past – my assistant, Sammy, and I found ourselves in the midst of a great group of people whose warmth towards the happy couple was obvious from the outset. We had a terrific day with them, and we wish them and their family and friends all the very best for the future.

More of these images can be seen in the Weddings section of my website.

Paul & Alison:

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