Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sunset over Blackness

With the weather still seeming a little hesitant about being nudged over from spring to a full-blown summer (if that actually materializes this year) and with huge fleets of clouds still sailing through otherwise gorgeously crystal clear-blue skies, I packed my gear into the car a few evenings ago and went out to search for some picturesque sunsets.

The coast always seems to provide rich-bounty for sunset seekers and so I drove over to Blackness and set up a tripod on the boat-club jetty; you’re not actually supposed to use the jetty without authorisation, but a combination of facts – a/ there was no-one about and b/ the view looking West along the Forth was spectacular – led me to risk life, limb and the displeasure of any happen-along boat-club members for the noble pursuit of collecting rich, photographic images.

I feel it was worth the risks :) The sunset was spectacular; a picture postcard comprising a sky of brilliant blues, guilded with deep ochre’s, ambers, reds and gold’s all set above a tranquil seascape which both drank in the light in it’s darker areas and, mirror-like, refracted the deepest gold hues and scattered them across the jetty and nearby shores where it skipped off the surface of the water. Best of all, the entire scene was being presented like a limitless slide show: each press of the shutter release produced an entirely new picture as the sun, sinking in the darkening blue skies, conspired with the flotilla of slowly drifting clouds to create the most dynamic, constantly evolving landscapes.

I hope I’ve given them some justice in these two dimensional offerings:

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