Thursday, 9 October 2008

When the sun shows its face

It's not often we get to see much of the sun these days so, when it did decide to show its face yesterday, I got out there to sample it.

My car took me west to West calder and then off to a place called Wilsontown on the outskirts of lanarkshire. There, I found a place called 'The Glen'; one of those little nature-scapes which grow around the path of a river and offer up any number of potential pictures. The light was very flat when I got there, though, and the paths (thankfully not too well travelled) were pretty mushy. I had boots on, but my trouser legs got soaked to the knees.

On my return to Livingston, I had lunch then wandered up to my studio to play with my flashlights. I have a boom arm which holds a 5-in-1 reflector in place, and I used this to tie various bunches of silk flowers allowing them to dangle. Then I set up different scenario's to light them. I use two x Canon 430ex speedlights mounted on standard tripods with brackets that allow a shoot through brolly to be mounted.

Some of the effects are great, and I spent about four hours (how sad) moving lights and rehanging backdrops. Now, if I could just get a model who would stay perfectly still for me for around four hours and ... well, one day when I can afford it maybe :)

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