Monday, 6 October 2008

Busy week

Last week was relatively busy for me though not, I'm afraid, in terms of the photography business. I honestly wonder where I found the time while I was holding down a full-time job?

On Thursday I met Joanne at the West Lothian Courier offices to discuss advertising. I have an ad in the paper this Thursday and I'm on the list for two christmas special features which go out at the end of October and November. We'll see how things go before considering further placings - it's an expensive business but, if it turns out a few clients, I'll be happy to reinvest the proceeds.

I had family visiting at the end of the week - including my youngest grandaughter, who is just gorgeous. Because she's a Londoner we don't see her as often as we'd like, and so the changes in her appearance are vast each time we do manage to clap eyes on her. I had the pleasure of her company for a wee shoot at the Studio on Friday (it was the first chance my middle boy and daughter-in-law have had the chance to see it) and I managed to run of a few GB's while we were there.

On Saturday I had the great pleasure of hosting the McAdam family at the Studio: Eric & Cathy's daughter Amanda had commissioned me to take a family portrait in celebration of her Mum & Dad's wedding anniversary; younger (and equally lovely) daughter, Kay, was there to help co-direct the shoot. I see a bright future for her in stage-production :)

The shoot lasted almost two hours and I really enjoyed their company. I have, just this evening, loaded the results on-line for them to peruse at their pleasure.

Now all I have to do is design the Courier ad and the rest of the evenings my own.

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