Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Time goes bye

It's almost a week since I last blogged, and I can just sense the increased levels of tense excitement building as my wordless hours wear on.

Well, ne'er mind. Here now!

Last Friday night was spent with a good friend at his caravan which is currently sited at Coldingham. Getting there was torturous: blustery winds whipped heavy rain into a crescendo which jostled the car all the way from Edinburgh to the Borders.

We got the gear in and then settled down to enjoy a glass of wine (or two); chatting until we retired to our respective beds.

Despite the gloomy conditions of the previous evening, the weather decided to follow the weather forecasters scripts for a change; the sky was deep, deep blue, dobbed only by the very occasional fluffy wee cloud which wandered over the otherwise clear vista.

We did a circuitous walk of just about 3 miles, but that took us almost four hours, with both of us stopping on the beach at Coldingham and at the harbour in St. Abbs. Picture opportunities materialised with every few paces, so a lot of time was spent setting up the tripod and getting the right capture.

I've been to Eyemouth before, and I really have to keep the promise I made then to get around that area of the coast. The problem is that the scenery around there can be so breathtaking that you can't help but spend hours in the same location.

Having harvested all we could of the tiny little strip of coast that we could cover in the time we'd given ourselves we returned to West Lothian. I spent the rest of the afternoon watching Laurel & Hardy movies with my Grandson Duncan - he's only just discovered the warm comic magic of 'The Boys' - while my Granddaughter Jodie chummed Grandma on a shopping expedition.

I had breakfast with the kids on Sunday morning, but had to leave early to meet my fellow photographer Tom Thomson at the Studio for a pre-arranged bridal shoot on behalf of 'Glitterati', a bridal gown design and hire company run by Moira and Bill Withers.

This wasn't my shoot, but Tom had offered me the opportunity to join him and indulge my thirst for more portfolio shots. In exchange, I hosted the group and waived the studio fee for the shoot - which lasted from 10am till 6pm.

I had a great time shooting the gorgeous Charlie, the beautiful Joyce and the youthful (and very professional) Zoe in a selection of startlingly wondrous gowns. But this was one of those very rare occasions when the camera's myopic, 2-dimensional eye just fails to do justice to the exquisite scene presented to it. The girls were transformed into goddesses of classic Greek magnitude when enveloped in these astounding examples of bridal couture; their own natural loveliness enhanced by the shape, colour and finest details of these 'art-piece' gowns.

I took so many pictures, but I haven't had time even to appraise them yet, much less process the raw files, but I will post a selection as soon as I do.

Today, I have to process some of the pictures I took during a commission for the McAdam family and, tomorrow, I'm going to the opening of the new Debenhams store; they have commissioned me to document the staffs' first day, so I have agreed to be there at 7.30am and get some formal staff pictures before going on to collect some more candid shots of both the opening, and the first few hours of the day.

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