Saturday, 18 October 2008


It's Saturday already! Where does the time go.

I had a pretty relaxed week of things until the Debenhams opening. Since then, I've been processing file after file and now have a crop of 78 useable pics which I'm busy converting from Canon Raw (.cr2) to .TIFF and, finally, to .JPG; it's a mind numbing task at any time, but made a little more difficult by the store lighting; the scattering of low wattage, fluorescent and LV tungsten around the store meant that the colour temperature kept changing - and I'm loathe to use Auto White Balance in those circumstances. I began by shooting with a fluorescent setting, but it worked out a little purple, so I changed to Flash (which I was using in any case for fill - and tweaked the files in processing from Raw.

Before going on though, I should mention that I had the real pleasure of meeting sisters Shona and Sarah-Jane at the Nasmyth Studio on Wednesday evening; two astonishingly beautiful girls, there to do a shoot with West Lothian's top fashion Tog, Tom Thomson. The girls were happy for me to hang around during the shoot, and I came in handy as tea-maker. Tom also employed me in my usual role as 'Tripod'. It was a nice, relaxed shoot (as ever with Tom) and I'm looking forward to seeing some of the results.

So, to Thursday at Debenhams. I got there early enough to take a few test shots - the manequins apparently having no objection to me using them as subjects (they're great models, but very poor at following direction!) As I said, the lighting was all over the place, but I did eventually settle for 'flash' as a WB setting and, generally, it worked pretty well.

I was on site from 7.45am till 1.30pm and the time seemed to fly. In the early stages, I was directed by Debenhams own PR people to capture pictures of the staff (I stopped two escalators and line all 110 of them up there) and the management. I then got some formal pictures of the management team, and some candid shots of the various entertainers who were there to provide entertainment.

This amazingly well appointed and richly furnished store was officially opened by Miss West Lothian, Jane Gray. Following the official cutting of the ribbon, I had the opportunity to walk around the fashion / perfumery sections of the store to take some pictures of Jane with the staff.

While there, I also met a lot of people I hadn't seen for a while including West Lothian's most famous journalist and PR man, Eddie Anderson who, as well as running the Miss West Lothian competition from its inception, is also working with West Lothian Council in keeping the community informed of all things worth knowing through the WLC Website.

I still don't have lowres pics to post, but should have some by the end of the weekend.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Carol Gall, a lovely girl who was a colleague of mine at Livingston FC. She's set up her own Bridal Couture business and we're going to arrange to meet for a catch-up chat once she returns from holiday at the end of next week.

Today I have to prepare for a wedding I've had in the diary for a few months now; a young couple from Howgate who are to be married in the local church. Right now the weather looks awful, but it has stopped raining, and the forecast isn't too bad. Fingers and toes are crossed.

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ifotou said...

Sounds like it was a fun day Dunc, the stuff with Sj is on my blog already and thanks for the compliment :)

West Lothians Top Fashion Photographer ;)