Sunday, 26 October 2008

A Circuitous Process

It seems that all I’ve been doing over the last week is processing Raw files and my heads rattling with the shrapnel of reordered bits n’ bytes.

I shot my wedding last Saturday at Howgate Church. It was a lovely service, held in a comfortable and cosy old church set just off the main street. Unfortunately, while the day stayed dry it was also pretty cold, and there wasn’t much in the way of grounds in any case, so most of the traditional family & group shots were taken inside where the poor autumnal light forced me to compensate with flash. Fortunately, my daughter-in-law and occasional MUA, Joanne was there with me. I’d armed her with my 400d set on full auto and she got some excellent candid pics with it. I’d always recommend a second shooter at a wedding; the very fact that Jo has a different style from me, along with the fact that she has a woman’s eye for wedding detail, means that the final crop of files we got offered good coverage of the day.

By the time we’d worked through the hurriedly compiled tick-list of family members, the Bride wasn’t up for going back outside for long – poor thing was shivering in her wedding frock. We got a few shots outside before returning indoors again for a Bride & Groom set.

When the guests filed off to the reception hall for the wedding breakfast, Jo left for home and I took a break to check my efilm and battery levels. Both the 400D & 5D seem to run on and on forever with a double cell pack in their respective grips, but shooting in Raw does require a few changes of efilm.

I stayed for the cutting of the cake and then left for home where I down-loaded the cards and burned the files to DVD. Then I had to put the wedding out of mind and get on with processing the final few files from the Debenhams shoot.

I finally delivered these to the store on Tuesday and took receipt of my fee. I’d printed 10 pictures and enclosed a dvd with 70 high res. files. I’d also posted a copy of the DVD to the P.R. company.

The rest of last week was then spent processing the wedding portfolio. I eventually got 110 images posted to a private flickr folder and invited the bride and groom to view them. I said I’d leave them up there until they had made their choice. Flickr allows you to monitor the sets, and this one has been viewed 135 times since Thursday.

Tomorrow I’m having coffee with my mate – Fashion Guru, Tom Thomson. He’s just opened a new site dedicated to his fashion work and I imagine that’ll draw a lot of attention. You can view it here, and there’s also a click-through on my links list.

Coffee with Tom is at 2pm, and then I have a family coming through from Edinburgh for a portrait session at 5pm.

I’m still not overly busy but now, in my fourth month of operation, I am beginning to get a little more custom and I’m still positive about the future. However, I don’t think we’ve felt the full impact of the financial crises yet, and I think that is going to hit spending on luxury items like restaurants, holidays and photography first and foremost. So, if I can manage to get through the next year without going under, then I think I’ll do just fine.

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ifotou said...

Ah weddings, don't you just love (read hate) them :)

Glad to see you're finally get some work in though mate, that's a good sign and yeah totally the "recession" is certainly beginning to bite :( a weird world awaits us all.