Monday, 27 October 2008

Bridal Couture

Having uploaded my last wedding shots for the scrutiny of the client, I've - at last - had some time to return to the 'Glitterati' bridal gown shoot that took place at the studio a couple of weeks back.

It was my mate Tom Thomson's gig, but I was there to capture a few images of my own - portflio work for my web, mostly. Some of the captures I got were - in my own opinion - pretty stunning. On saying that, I had Charlie, Joyce and Zoe in front of the camera wearing the most gorgeous creations from Glitterati, so it would have been difficult NOT to have got some quality pictures!

I was most pleased with the results I got from my 400D though: Tom and I were sharing the synch lead for the lighting set up so, when I wasn't using the 5D I took some candid shots with the 400d and a Sigma 30mm /f1.4 lens. The only light in the place radiated (rather weakly) from my desktop, low-wattage fluorescent light. The MUA had turned this around to face her client and the light spilled over from the right hand side. There was also a very little ambient coming from the blinded window in front of the models. I shot at ISO 1600, 20-60th sec. at f1.4 with the white balance set at Fluorescent. The result was that the pictures took on a goldish hue which, in tandem with the fact that they were so grainy, I really loved.

I haven't really started working with the pictures I took with the 5D yet, but these are a few of those I got from the ambient/flurescent set.


ifotou said...

Very nice Dunc, particularly like the one of Zoe near the bottom, from when i had ran off... love it

Sian said...

Love the two headshots of Zoe and Joyce. Can't wait to see the rest.

Cheers duncan.