Thursday, 2 October 2008


My camera invariably leads me out of doors; I've tried many of photography's various disciplines but, if I had to make a short-list then it would first include weddings, portraiture and landscape.

Needless to say, at this point in my business' growth, landscape offers an affordable and ever-able focus for my twitchy trigger-finger.

On Tuesday, a fine, blemish-free sky led me to Linlithgow; Birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots. Now, I've passed through this elegant little town on a number of occasions - mostly to visit the Canal basin and journey along the towpaths - but I've never actually visited the Palace or the adjacent Loch. They are indeed a fantastic spectacle, but the sun was high by the time I got there, and a high cloud diffused the light slightly. I ran off a few mega-bytes of 'film' but wasn't overly pleased with the results; I should really make a note to revisit for either a sunrise or sunset; the unbroken carpet of the loch offers a fantastic lead-in to the palace itself. Also, as a member of Historic Scotland (whose card was left at home) I'd really enjoy getting onto the high ramparts of the palace. I expect the view over both town and loch must be fantastic in the right light.

Yesterday, I packed my gear early and drove to South Queensferry. Again, it was a lovely morning, but the light was poor. The enormous structures of the Forth bridges offer tantalising backdrops for photography and, though I'd captured them lots of time, I couldn't resist running of a little efilm.

My main purpose in making the trip, though, was to find the path which leads East from the town towards the village of Crammond which sits at the mouth of the river Almond. I did eventually find the start of this path but, as is my want, I found it about two hours later than I should have: the shore-line is such a distraction!

I did get to the start of the 'Shore Walk'; the attendant route-map promises a good number of photo opportunities, and it is a walk I'll have to try and complete before the winter sets in.

Linlithgow Loch.

The Forth Bridges, South Queensferry.

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