Friday, 14 August 2009

The Wedding Box

Has your partner just proposed to you and are you now looking forward to planning your perfect wedding?

Well, while pursuing those plans is likely to be one of the most exciting and romantic tasks you will ever set yourself, you might soon find that it can also be a pretty daunting prospect; there are so many things to be considered: not only do you have to choose a date, venue, dress and cake, you also have to consider stationary, photography, flowers, entertainment, venue-dressing, cars, make-up, hair styling … the list can appear endless.

Help is at hand though: “The Wedding Box” wedding fairs present a highly specialised and perfectly integrated group of service providers who can help you to make that special day ‘extra’ special. They offer a choice of providers catering for practically every aspect of wedding day services that you might wish to include in your own plans for a truly unique wedding day.

The next ‘Wedding Box’ event takes place in Centrex House (just opposite the Intelligent Finance Offices at Kirkton Campus) on Sunday, 6th September and runs from 12 noon until 5pm.

This is a truly unique and very exclusive event, and invitation is by ticket only. Those who attend will not only be able to discuss their own specific requirements and receive information and advice from a host of specialised wedding service providers, but they will also have the opportunity of winning up to £3,000.00 of goods and services for their own special day!

Follow this link (also noted in the list of links on the right hand column of my blog) for further information, and get your own special, whirlwind day off to a flying start with insider help, support and advice from “The Wedding Box” team.

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