Sunday, 5 April 2009

Models required

Whenever I get a bit of spare time on my hands and am lucky enough to have a subject on-hand, I like to experiment with portraiture.

My mate, Sammy, acted as model for me while I wore a circle in the carpet around him while adjusting a set which composed of 2 x 430ex strobes and a boom mounted reflector.

Portraits are a passion of mine, even though I rarely have anyone available to sit for me. But I do now have an excellent working relationship with the ‘Three Bears’ – toy ‘teddies’ that my eldest grand-daughter has kindly allowed me to look after. They’re definitely the best models I’ve ever worked with: they never complain, they’ll sit – unmoving – for long hours at a time, and they’ll strike up (almost) any pose I ask of them.

I’m always looking for human subjects though (particularly if they have the same afore-mentioned attributes as the three bears) who would be willing to sit for me. Drop me an email if you fancy being subjected to a torturous hour or two sitting in the one position.

Here’s Sammy:

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Cosmic Orange said...

I think i like the first one the best, really nice lighting.