Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The 'Cute' factor

Having made photography my profession – rather than my passion and pastime – I’ve had some insights into the more difficult aspects of the work; it’s quite technically challenging for a start: I no longer have license to pick and choose when and if I decide to shoot, it’s now a case of being where I have to be and then trying to grapple with any conflicts I might find – such as light and weather.

On the other hand, it does have its massively PLUS points, and two of those were presented to me just recently: Alana had commissioned me to take a passport sized picture of her daughter, Ruby. But what was a simple enough shoot (despite the latter technical trials and tribulations of getting the wee ones face to fit the very precise passport authority requirements) soon turned into a great fun session as Ruby’s inherent ‘cuteness’ forced me (with Mums permission) to shoot off another batch of pics.

Ruby had brought her friend Olivia along with her for company and that just pushed the ‘cute factor’ right off the scale.

Alana, Ruby & Olivia

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