Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Family Portraits

I recently had the pleasure of a undertaking a portrait session at my studio with Iain, Laura and little Keiran, a lovely family group from my native Livingston. Being asked to compose and capture family groups is something I really enjoy, and working with Iain and his family just augmented that view.

The session itself took just under two hours and as well as portrait shots with Mum and Dad, I also (with a little cajoling help from the parents) managed to get a great selection of shots of wee Keiran. The shoot makes up part of my wedding package in which I offer the betrothed a kind of ‘pre-nuptials’ shoot. In many instances the images from these shoots are incorporated in the couples wedding stationary – which has inspired me to begin creating my own range; further details coming soon.

I’ve already delivered Laura & Iain’s selection of shots from the shoot, and now I’m looking forward to Friday next when I’ll be covering their wedding.

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