Wednesday, 5 November 2008

I'm as busy as I seem to be

I'm not as busy as I'd like to be - in a business sense, but I do have a knack of 'making' myself busy with what often seems like a proposterous amount of post-production on my Raw files.

This last week has proved the point: last Monday I was commissioned to do a group portrait for the Ferguson Family; a lovely couple with their gorgeous young daughters, Katie & Nicole. The shoot went very well and I had the opportunity to play - just a little - with the lighting set-up at the studio. Family portraits are usually fairly evenly lit, the subject being the main focus of the picture, but I did have the opportunity to work on just a little shadow detail and deeper DOF during the sitting. Most importantly, Mr. & Mrs. Ferguson enjoyed the results and I'm going to deliver the prints today.

On Saturday the studio was besieged by 13 year old Shannon and her Crew. Shannon was 13 years old on Saturday and she wanted a portrait taken with her friends: having eight 13 year olds (plus Mum and Brother) in the studio was a real test of the material integrity of the building - given all the high pitched squeels and ultra-loud giggling it was subjected to. On saying that, Shannon and the girls were excellent subjects and, being in the party mood, didn't have to be teased into offering beaming smiles. When they left me, they were going back to Shannon's house for a Chinese take-away followed by a couple of girlie-type films and then a sleep-over. What a brave Mother Shannon has!

So, this week has been full of Post production work; while it can be a bit laborious, I do take a lot of satisfaction from tweaking things until they seem just right. I'm currently waiting on young Shannon making her choices from the lowres files I produced. Once she and her mother have seen them, I'll post a few here.

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