Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Lazy Wednesday Afternoon

I've sussed the weather: it's decided to skip Summer & Autumn this year and just get right down to the real job in hand - freezing everything!

I had little to do today so, having posted the last of the Ferguson Family shoot, I decided to do a little Still-Life stuff at the studio. The most colourful backdrop materials are lying all over the ground just now - last weeks howling wind and stair-rod rain having pretty much denuded most of the early fall trees.

So, I scooped up a bagful of leaves from the backgarden and took a selection of fruit from the kitchen and went up to the studio to play with some sets.

I ended up staying up there for over five hours. The following pics are some I processed from Raw this evening.


Leandro D said...

Dave said...

Love the colours. It's as if autumn actually happened. :-)