Friday, 21 November 2008

Youthful ambition

I had the pleasure - on Tuesday evening - of welcoming Maggie & Rachael to the Studio for a portrait shoot.

Rachael is still just a youngster but, despite her years, I think she has the neccessary ambition to have a go at a career in modeling.

That ambition shone through in the shoot; it took her just a few minutes to get used to the set-up and then she was trying different poses and expressions of her own, which made the task of directing a lot easier. She also had her own views on how she she should pose and asked to try a number of different sets. Mum, Maggie. also got into the act and helped me deliver what I think should be some very good Mother/Daughter portraits. I'm still processing the raw files, but the following are the first two of about six shots that I'm happy with.

Thanks again, Maggie & Rachael.

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