Monday, 10 November 2008


Saturday was one of those days when everything just seemed to go according to plan: I got up, went to the shops, bought some basics, and then set off for the studio.

I spent the next six hours playing with off-camera flash for a still-life set. I didn't even take as many pics as I usually do but seemed, instead, to spend much of the time fussing over shadow-casts and trying out different gels.

When i got home and down-loaded the Raw files, I found I had just one file which was close to capturing what I'd originally intended. But I really enjoyed the day, nonetheless.

On Sunday I had the pleasure of welcoming Brian, Samantha and their little one, Megan, to the studio for a family portrait shoot. Again, I really enjoyed myself and I trust that Mum, Dad and their baby girl also enjoyed themselves.

Today took me to different aspects of Life's vivid spectrum: I attended a funeral this morning - the mother of one of my good friends and, this afternoon, I had the pleasure of having Tom and Scott visit AND the added pleasure of welcoming the vivacious Charlie and her partner Keith who both arrived a little after Tom and Scott. We whiled away the afternoon talking general photography and had a good natter before darkening skies and the sound of rain spitting against the window reminded all that a sodden evening was fast approaching and we all said goodbye.

So. once again, I'm going to busy myself this evening in processing Raw files to Tiff. and then send them of to Brian & Samantha for their perusal.

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