Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Girl in a red dress.

Modelling isn’t as easy as it looks and, let’s face it, it does look pretty easy doesn’t it?

Having spent a brief period in football as an admin. person, I find the analogies between football and modelling are just such a ‘spoonishly’ good fit for each other. And, on the subject of ‘easy’, well, again, let’s face it, football does look pretty easy doesn’t it? Almost as easy as modelling!

The difference – and that difference can be either overwhelmingly incongruous, or subtly obscure – is that the majority of observers will never have partaken in either discipline. So, while they may be able to appreciate the application and the outcomes, they will have little experience with which to realise the intricacies of the profession.

Now, being a photographer of models I do get a few more insights into the art of modelling that the average magazine reader, and I can see that it is hard. As in football, becoming good at it – let alone great – takes lots of commitment and practice, and even then there is no saying that you’re going to find any success at it. Real success requires that you enjoy a good measure of that ‘other-worldly’ ingredient which can’t be assimilated through hard work, dedication or practice. That ingredient is talent.

Talent is the most complex of components: it can’t be bought, won’t be found and has no preferences. And there’s just not enough room in this piece to go into the why’s & wherefores of what it is – if it can even be said to be an ‘is’ in any case.
However, while it may not be acquired by any known prescription nor defined by description, when you do happen to come upon it, it’s almost instantly recognisable.

So, allow me to introduce you to Teri: Teri is a very charming, unassuming, 17 year old model who hails from Bathgate in West Lothian. As well as being drop dead gorgeous, she also boasts a lovely figure, eyes you could drown in, and the most finely textured, olive-coloured skin - which the camera loves.

On top of all that, she can also model! Teri has a real ‘sense’ of where the light is, and of what the lens is looking for. And that makes it so much easier for any photographer looking to do fashion / modelling work; frankly, there’s nothing as frustrating as having to direct everything from the rear of the camera, so a girl who can actually model just makes everything so much easier. And, if they also happen to be as creative as Teri, then any project you’re involved in can quickly turn from being a rudimentary job of work, to a VERY satisfying collaboration in creative art.

And that pretty much sums up what that much sought-after and ever elusive ingredient called ‘talent’ is all about; it’s having the ability to visualise the next move, perceive the opportunities and develop the startegy. I’m sure if you were to ask a top-class football player or a top-class model to explain what it is that makes naturally good at what they do, then they’d be lost – it’s just part of what they have. It is, therefore, for the rest of us to capture, cultivate and wonder at.

Teri is represented by First Step Model Agency.

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