Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Wedding of David & Alice

Each wedding has it’s own ‘signature’ ambience; that overall aire which – when you first walk into a room where the betrotheds guests have gathered – subtly informs you that this is a classy or happy or frenetic or tense or nervous affair, or, indeed, any combination of the aforementioned.
I don’t know where that sensing of things comes from? Maybe it’s just me; a perception I’m able to translate, or a certain sensitivity to the vibes being unwittingly transmitted by the assembly - but it works every time.
Now, being able to read the mood of a room can prove quite a handy talent when it comes to photographing the day itself; picking up on the ‘pulse’ of the wedding party and guests can help you strategise your interactions with them: do you project as funny, serious, laid-back, ultra-professional? One things for sure, if you don’t interpret the signs correctly, then you risk alienating yourself straight away and, while it can often prove difficult to tease guests ever so slightly out of their comfort zone in order to help you create unique pictures, getting on the wrong side of them from the start will make gaining their assistance at any stage almost impossible.
Fortunately, the number of positively charged gatherings I’ve attended far outweighs those which have emitted a negative atmosphere, and it’s always those positively charged gatherings which seed the best memories.
The wedding of David & Alice – which I shot recently – was the perfect example of where, from the moment the guests began to arrive, I could tell that I was to have the opportunity of shooting a really sweet and lovely event. A small group of whom were obviously very close family and friends of the Bride & Groom had gathered in the conservatory of the gorgeously appointed Cringletie House Hotel, near Peebles in the Scottish Borders. Among their number were those who obviously hadn’t had the opportunity to see each other for a long time and, amid the prevailing aire of expectancy, there was a buzz of hushed tones as old acquaintances were reaffirmed.
It may have been the action of my lifting the camera to my eye which signalled to the gathering that the Bride was entering the room, for the buzz of muted conversation quickly reduced to a respectful silence, only to be replaced by one or two appreciative ‘Ahhhhs’ as Alice glided through the room to take her place by the side of her betrothed.
The ceremony itself was very simple, but it was that very effortlessness with which David & Alice took the short journey from individuals, to married couple, that gifted the entire proceedings with such an unpretentious and lovely narrative.
Following the formalities, I was able to spend a little time with David & Alice on their own, and I hope the pictures I captured go some way to illustrate just how happy the couple were in both their own company, and in the company of a group of guests who were so obviously delighted to share the day with them.
I have to say, there’s nothing so lovely as a lovely wedding.

David & Alice

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