Thursday, 19 November 2009


There are times when – no matter how much forward planning you do – nothing seems to work: the lighting doesn’t work, the white-balance seems out; the props don’t really suit and, worst of all, the model just isn’t up for it.

Then there are times when, with very little effort at all, things just seem to fall into place – and that’s how it worked on a shoot I did recently with young Leonie!

Leonie hadn’t worked in front of a camera before but seemed to take to it like the proverbial fish to H20. She was keen to work, eager to achieve the poses I was looking for and willing to wait patiently as I fiddled with lights and camera settings.

Many thanks to Leonie for attending and bringing such a great attitude with her. Thanks also to Frances – Leonie’s Mum – for her help and patience, and to Jade Mcmeckan for the excellent make-up.

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