Monday, 23 February 2009

Rachael returns

I had the pleasure of welcoming young Rachael and her mum, Maggie back to the studio for another fashion shoot.

Rachael’s confidence in front of the camera continues to grow, as does her portfolio of poses and looks. She knows she still has loads to do, but she’s improving all the time and her appetite for the work remains keen.

Now that the weather is – at last – beginning to turn, I’m hoping to set up some outdoor shoots with her. If you happen to pass us while you’re out, I’m the big fellah with the heavy coat, gloves and hat with a camera stuck to my face. Rachael is the pretty girl with the sweet summer dress and goose-bumps ;-)


1 comment:

Cosmic Orange said...

Some really nice lighting, I like the ones with the black background the best.