Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Busy busy busy!

I’ve got lots to do at the moment, and the accumulation of tasks (and the prevailing weather) is keeping me indoors and denying me the opportunity to get out there and harvest some ‘Christmas Card’ images :(

My most time consuming task at the moment is printing off the prints order I received from Iain & Laura after I shot their wedding on 30th January; Laura says she’s delighted with the pictures, and has backed that up that sentiment with a very healthy order. I’ve also received further orders from Laura’s family; hence the fact that I don’t get to leave the house (or the printer, to be more precise) these days. It may sound as though I’m complaining but, in fact, I’m really enjoying revisiting the shoot and turning the electronic files into hard-copy existence; it was a lovely wedding (despite the weather) and Iain & Laura were favoured by the attendance of a very supportive family. And, besides, I just love weddings :)

I also had another shoot with young up-and-coming model, Rachael, last week, and I’m really pleased with the initial Raw-file images. But, rightly, Laura’s wedding portfolio takes precedence at the moment, so I’ll have to resist the urge to process the images from Rachael’s shoot for the moment.

Along with the photography side of things, I also have a comprehensive order of Wedding Stationary to prepare for Robert & Julie’s wedding in August, as well as an order of table place cards and other pictures to produce for an anniversary party taking place this weekend.

My new range of wedding stationary seems to be gathering some interest, but I’ve neglected the marketing side a bit over the last few (busy) weeks, so that task is another on my growing agenda.

Still to come, I have a family portrait shoot to undertake this weekend, and a wedding in March to prepare for. So, now that I think of it, I really shouldn’t be typing this entry – I’m far to busy! :)

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Bruce said...

Duncan - some excellent looking shots here. Glad to hear you're getting a bit of work.

Must catch up with you again soon. You're cgoing to Helensburgh aren't you next month?